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BS7858 2012 is the industry standard for vetting of people employed in the security sector here in the UK.
It is set by the British Standards Institution and was last updated in 2013 to ensure its relevance to the industry. British Standards Institution
In the past 10 years BS7858 screening has being introduced across the U.K to ensure that standards are maintained and that those employees working in sensitive areas or with vulnerable people are properly vetted correctly.
If you have questions about applying the BS7858 vetting standard in your organisation then contact cysOnline today for a no obligation quote.

BS7858 Screening

In April 2013, the previous standard for vetting of security staff was withdrawn and replaced with BS7858:2012 ‘Security screening of individuals employed in a security environment – Code of Practice’. The new standard updated and replaced the former code with an improved view of how security employees should be vetted.
The updating of the standard was seen as a good thing in the industry, however employers still face an onerous series of requirements. cysOnline are a specialist provider of vetting solutions and are ideally placed to help you with BS7858 2012 screening. Our online solution provides transparent, quick and accurate results perfect for today’s security sector.

The break in employment requirement of BS7858 2012 is a tricky problem for most agencies and potential employees. The most common reason is often a home-maker returning to work after a period looking after young children. This will show up during BS7858 2012 screening and so they will need to provide an explanation for their absence from the workforce and provide a personal referee. cysOnline staff understand this and will guide the candidate through the process getting the right result for all parties.  

There is possibly a more important issue with the new BS7858 2012 standard and that is the reliance on documentary evidence. If we imagine a UK national who has been jailed for a time in a French prison. They may have a council tax bill for their U.K property as this is issued annually, utility bills may also be available for the same year. It may even be possible that they’d be able to get someone to be a false referee too. Here cysOnline has experience and our dedicated team helps sift out these bogus candidates.

Clearly candidate vetting is not a simple process. Especially for the smaller company that has no budget for in-house vetting and HR. Outsourcing BS27858 2012 to an experienced company like cysOnline makes sense, not only from the point of view of cost and speed but also as a way of ensuring compliance with regulations such as G.D.P.R.

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