CYSO- BS7858 Vetting

BS7858 Vetting Requirements

  1. 5 years of employment verification
  2. 6 year credit search
  3. Proof of ID & UK right to work
  4. Proof of address
  5. A character reference
  6. A valid SIA licence or carrying out basic disclosure/ACPO
  7. Explanation of any 31+ day employment gaps

Employers are also required to set up a screening file for each candidate and retain it for 7 years following termination of employment. cysOnline are experienced and fully G.D.P.R compliant. We can guide you through this important process.
Having a single standard across the UK was an essential development as it means that the public can have confidence that security staff they come across are checked as far as possible and employers can have reassurance that the people working for them are reliable and honest.
Reducing the risk of employing disreputable staff in this way is vital for recruitment agencies. Providing unsuitable employees to an event, or dishonest staff for a retail environment, could cause serious reputational damage to the company and lead to loss of clients.

BS7858 2012 Vetting Procedure Explained

The BS7858 2012 standard also includes other pieces of UK legislation such as an individual’s right to work. Essentially meaning this one check can be carried out for basic employment and security duties at the same time.

The standard also requires that breaks in employment of more than 31 days are fully explained. For most candidates it could simply be explained by unemployment, extended holiday or extended studying away from home. For others however any extended time out of employment may mean something more worrying such as a prison sentence or being held on remand. Previously, only 2 personal referees were required for this; now documentary evidence is required such as a utility bill or bank statements including 1 character reference covering this gap in employment. cysOnline are in contact with candidates on a daily basis ensuring these references and documents are requested quickly ensuring as fast as possible clearance or otherwise.

There are many issues that need checking which need detailed and experienced understanding. Here at cysOnline, our experienced candidate vetting staff can take on this onerous job leaving you to run other essential parts of your business. ¬†Employee vetting is a complex administrative issue, to find and collate all of the information needed and analyse them correctly can be time consuming. This is a problem for all scales of employer and is compounded when they are required to access external services such as credit check bureau. The smaller company will face higher costs per candidate as they tend to have a low volume of service use. However, at cysOnline you only pay for what you use so your costs are fixed and don’t fluctuate.

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