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Employment background checks.

Why should you run pre-employment screening on your prospective employees?
Employee background checks have now become the norm in many industries. Pre-employment screening of potential employees can be critical to ensure you are hiring the right calibre of staff. After all, quality employees are worth their weight in gold and a dishonest employee can destroy a company reputation overnight. They can distress other employees through incompetence and even put the company in legal jeopardy with their actions.

As you can see an employee background check is an essential part of the hiring process for many organisations. It will help protect a company, its employees and its customers from potentially fraudulent candidates.
Vetting potential employees will make the recruitment process longer, however out sourcing this function to cysOnline can streamline the whole process.

Pre-employment screening – what cysOnline can check for.
Candidate Identity, Credit Worthiness or AML checks
Sanctions including OFAC and SDN
Candidate history via direct referencing and documentation checks
Confirmation of Qualifications
Confirmation of Professional Memberships
Directorship Checks
Basic, Standard and Enhanced DBS Checks
Worldwide Media Searches
International Checks

We can in fact blend these checks and make bespoke pre-employment checks on request.

Employee Screening & Criminal Record Checks
Employee background checks may contain a criminal record check. However, you must have a good reason to run a criminal check on a candidate. It is essential criminal record checks are only undertaken if appropriate. Find out if it is appropriate at this government website: UK Gov site which will show you if you can run a full criminal record check as part of the vetting process. 

Pre-Employment as a Sector requirement.
In the UK, running a background check on a new employee is a mandatory requirement in many industries. These include:
Banking industry / financial sector. The Financial Services Authority (FSA) requires a detailed FCA Check be performed. This ensures regulated and non-regulated employees meet the required industry standards. These standards cover honesty, integrity, reputation, competence, and capability.

Airport staff. If you are hiring staff to work in the restricted zone of a UK airport employee screening is statutory to get an Airside Pass. Without meeting Airside Pass requirements, staff are not allowed in the restricted zone in an airport at all. It’s not hard to understand why employee background checks are essentially important for this industry for passenger safety.

The security industry. Workers involved in protecting people, places or property will need an employee background check to comply with the (BS78582012)

As an employer, it is your duty to ensure staff you hire have the right to work in the UK also. This along with other aspects can be checked as part of the cysOnline pre-employment screening process alongside your own checks to provide the required Statutory Excuse. Failing to do so could result in a fine of huge fine of £ 20,000 per illegal worker.

If you need to talk to one of our candidate screening staff today about your pre-employment screening of candidates then contact us today.

Pre-Employment Checks & GDPR

Pre-Employment Screening can result in the collection of a large amount of Employee Data.
The new GDPR (link to gov GDPR page) rules set out clear rules and guidelines about the responsibility of the employer in relation to how they store and manage employee data. The Genera Data Protection Regulations act is an EU initiative to homogenise the data protection landscape to make it work in today’s digital age. Even though the U.K may be leaving the EU, “Brexit” will not negate UK employers from GDPR.

As a UK Employer you will need to follow the following GDPR rules:
1. Have a legitimate reason to collect information on a potential employee. You can’t collect information because you may need information for some unspecified reason in the future.
2. Specific consents must be given for data to be collected. You must inform the candidate about what you are doing. You need their permission and consent must not be assumed.
3. This data must be stored in a manner so an employee can have access to the data if required later.
4. Data must be stored safely.
5. Candidates must be provided with all GDPR rights and consents directly.

Why choose cysOnline as your Pre-Employment Screening provider?
Running employee background checks is not a minor task. It takes time, you have statutory legal obligations you need to meet. cysOnline are an experienced, pro-active employment screening company. That is why so many diverse organisations all over the UK outsource their employee background checks to us.
We have the expertise and the experienced team to provide UK companies with the fastest, most accurate employment background checks. We also offer great value for money with our online app.

Online Pre-Employment Screening services offered by CYSO-DeplOy :

BS7858 2012   SIA       
Online App-----Limited Checks-----Report in 4 hours ------Deploy------Written Screening-----Complete
fully compliant BS7858 2012 vetting.

BS7858 2012   NON SIA         
Online App-----Limited Checks-----Report in 4 hours ------Deploy------Written Screening-----Complete
Fully compliant BS7858 2012 vetting including Basic DBS check

Online App-----Equifax Data Check-----Instant Report ------Deploy------Written Screening-----Complete
Fully compliant FCA employee screening at 2/3/5/7 Year or Regulated Levels.
Can include DBS, Sanctions, AML and Worldwide Media Searches.

Online App-----Equifax Data Check-----Instant Report ------Deploy------Written Screening-----Complete
Fully complaint BPSS employee screening with Basic DBS if required.

PCi Compliance
Online App-----Equifax Data Check-----Instant Report ------DBS Online Result same day-----Complete
PCi compliant check including Equifax Data check and Online DBS. Can be completed same day.

Data Checks
Online App-----Data Check-----Instant Report -----Complete                

Online App-----Audit Check-----DBS Process -----E Report 6 Hours-------Certificate-----Complete

Online process DBS and Disclosure Scotland Basic Checks via our online application.
In 80% of cases we can return a full e-report within 6 hours of submission.

International Checks
Apply-----Audit---Issue to Jurisdiction—Report----Complete

cysOnline can also carry out Data and Criminal record checks worldwide. Due to the wide range and nature of these checks please contact one our team for further details.

CQC Checks
Online App-----Data Check-----Instant Report---- Reference Validation -----Complete
CQC compliant check including:

  1. Equifax Data Financial Check
  2. Directorship Check
  3. Charity Register Check
  4. Professional Membership and Qualifications Validation
  5. Professional regulator such as GMC Validation

The big benefit with cysOnlines candidate screening service is you are in control.
-Only pay for the checks you need doing and when you need them.
-No ongoing fees or renewals and of course our highly trained staff there to help you and your candidates every step of the way.

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