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Do you need a DBS check? Can CysOnline help?

Many self-employed individuals need a DBS to prove their suitability for the service they provide to their clients.
Child minders are a prime example of people who need DBS clearance to work however trades people supplying schools or hospitals are another example.

Our cysOnline DBS service can be used by such individuals quickly and easily. Perfect for the self-employed and small businesses alike.
With our service you don’t need to go through an employer or agency cysOnline can process your DBS check for you.

DBs vetting can be complicated so here is a brief summary. However if you have any questions contact the cysOnline team for expert advice.

How many types of DBS checks are there?
There are 3 types of DBS checks:
Basic, Standard and Enhanced. Basic disclosures can be applied for by an individual, e.g. child minders or trades people whilst Standard and Enhanced DBS checks are carried out by employers on their employees and, and in some cases, volunteers.

Enhanced DBS Check
This level of check is processed by the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) and this searches the applicants potential criminal history for any cautions, warnings, reprimands or convictions both spent and unspent.
Furthermore the Enhanced Check also searches the children and vulnerable adults barred lists to see if the applicant is barred from working with those particular groups of people. There is also the opportunity within the Enhanced Check process for the local police to add any relevant information they may hold about the applicant.
This level of check is only available for employers to obtain on behalf of their employees or potential employees.

Standard DBS Check
A Standard check is processed by the Disclosure and Barring Service also. It searches an applicant’s criminal history to identify any convictions both spent and unspent, cautions, warnings and reprimands. This level of check is also only available for employers to obtain on behalf of their employees.

A Basic DBS Check (or Disclosure check) is available to anyone living in England and/or Wales and is a search carried out by the Disclosure & Barring Service. It is a search to check for any unspent convictions or conditional cautions on an applicant’s criminal history. This allows an employer to make an informed decision on to the individual’s suitability.
Whatever type of DBs check you need cysOnline can help with our fast on-boarding and experienced staff.

How often do DBS checks need to be renewed?
There is no official expiry date on a DBS check as any information included is accurate at the time issue. Time scales varying from every six months to every three years depending on each organisations governing body.

cysOnline can help with this too please contact us and we can help.

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