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FCA Screening by cysOnline

The FCS screening check is a background screening standard which checks a persons honesty, integrity and reputation, that shows that they are ‘fit and proper’ for the position they are being employed for.

The pre employment checks we offer carry out a variety of background checks which will comply with The Fit and Proper Test for Approved Persons which is laid out by the FCA.

For a person to hold a position of responsibility and become an approved person within a financial firm, that individual should know and meet the FCA’s regulatory requirements to hold such a position.

They would be expected to comply with the Statements of Principle and Code of Practice as well as report on any information which could affect their suitability for the position as part of FCS screening tests. So when someone is employing for such a position the employer will have access to employment screening as the FCS check includes it.
The Checks we offer may include

Financial Checks, Such as a credit report and analysis of any CCJs or declared bankruptcies
5 Years worth of employment validation and gap analysis
ID Validation
DBS Checks
Highest qualification verification
FCA register validation search and disciplinary validation
UK directorship and disqualifications check

Who is Required to have FCA Screening?
FCA criminal record checks are primarily designed for people who work in the financial sector, including banks, building societies and credit unions, however, these checks are not restricted to theses organisations.
Anyone employed to a position that involves finance may be required to have a FCA background check completed.

The FCA standard comprises of the following checks.
Identity checks

  • ID confirmation
  • Electoral Roll
  • Directorship search
  • Address verification
  • Right to Work Check

Financial checks

  • Bankruptcy / Insolvency
  • CCJ
  • Credit score
  • FCA Register Check
  • Sanction Search

How can we actually help your business?
Do you need a one off credit check, we can assist with that.
CYSO-Verify-CR                       £ 12.00 

Do you also need a sanctions checks or an AML check we can assist with those as well.
CYSO-Verify-Combi                  £ 15.00 

If you also need to confirm previous employment and education we can help there too:
CYS-Vetting-FCA 5 Year          £ 100.00            

We can also assist with worldwide check including Adverse Media, Criminality ad Credit Worthiness checks.

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