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BS7858 2012 Vetting

BS7858 2012 Vetting
With our easy to use onboarding process and experienced team we can streamline your recruiting process quickly, efficiently and be vetting your candidates the same day. CysOnline staff have substantial experience in the vetting industry and understand the complex nature of the industry.  We help security companies, financial institutions, health care organisations and local authorities daily. Indeed, every industry where the integrity of its staff is a key factor we can help.

Outsourcing your BS7858 2012 Vetting has the following key benefits:
Fixed Cost
By outsourcing vetting you can lower your fixed cost and only pay for vetting when you are recruiting.
Focus on Your Business
It will allow your internal teams to focus on their roles and your business not time heavy administrative duties.
It’s easy to miss something when carrying out vetting as part of a wider role. Vetting is our only role and focus. Every one of our files that have been inspected has been found to be 100% compliant.
Our team are highly trained in how to interpret both the BS7858 2012 vetting standard and documents provided as part of the process. These can include National Insurance files, Asylum documents and documents from outside of the UK. This experience allows our team to pass a higher percentage of candidates than internal teams.
Extra Information
As a business we believe that IT systems are important but also so is the human touch. Our team are in daily contact with candidates, this level of contact allows us to request further information from candidates.
Our very own CYSOnboard process is quick and new staff can be onboarded in real time straight away. No waiting or lag with our system just results. With time critical to most industries itis essential vetting is undertaken quickly. At CYSOnline we have developed an unbeatable onboarding and vetting system with this in mind.

If your business is looking for a new BS7858 vetting supplier or need to outsource your vetting for the first time, then please contact us and let us help you to Check Your Staff Online.

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Utilise our CYSO-DeplOy BS7858 2012 Service to fully comply every time.

Data Checks

  • ID Address and DOB confirmation
  • Bankruptcy / Insolvency / IVA and CCJ check
  • Alias and Address Links confirmed
  • Warnings provided on data returned
  • AML and Sanctions checks easily added

Limited Screening

  • Chosen Data Check + 3 year verbal confirmation
  • Same day turnaround
  • 80% completion within 4 hours
  • Speed up your deployment

Written Screening

  • Five or 10 years fully validated employment history
  • One Character Reference
  • Gap management and Document validation

 Criminal records

  •  Basic DBS available if required due to role

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