Our team is on board with your business and teams to assist in expedient and compliant on-boarding of new starters.

All of our clients are different and we understand that, we fit in with you.

Our online solutions provide real-time data on all checks and our team is always available for a more in depth view and advice.

How we help to On Board?

Very recently we have worked with a client where it was taking 48 hours from interview to deployment on site. They were experiencing serious stress to their internal teams and the % of candidate no shows was high.

We assessed the current internal processes. We advised that by outsourcing further checks to our teams we could increase both the speed of their on boarding and the compliance of their process.

Within 48 hours of implementation we had assisted our client in completing same day on boarding and deployment.

Not only did we speed up deployment we lowered the cost to the internal team and the % of no shows.

We can help you too.

Where do we fit in the process ?


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